Saturday, February 22, 2014

Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people

This essay is going to highlight importance of democracy .How democracy work? What is the role of people while choosing democracy as a system of government. How does it work for the people?

In modern times, democracy is a system of government which is preferred in many countries. In Europe it has so many of its applications in different countries and now it is considered one of the best system for the government.

What is democracy?
In present days as we can say the definition of democracy can easily derived. Where people have the choice of choosing their own representative. Election are organized and in such a way the people withe majority get elected. what does then definition of the democracy be?

We can define it as" Democracy is the government of the people , by the people, for the people."What does this definition say? We can say by this definition that democracy is a system of government in which people rule. These are people themselves which play their role while choosing a system of government.

By further exploring this definition and viewing at the present world from a democratic point of view we can say that it is a system in which people elect their representatives, they choose their representatives their members of assemblies and their law makers.As we know that rules and laws control a country and its population and they are necessary for the proper functionality of the society. These rules are regulation are defined by people.

In a democratic world decisions are made in the parliament which consists of the members. These members are elected by people in their related area. When parliament is formed then prime minister is elected with the majority of the members voting to him. In all this process we can see repetition of the terms like "people" and "majority".

When a ruler is elected it is called as the representative of the country or the parliament. Opposition also consists of the people which have received votes from people.

Role of political parties can not be undermined. Political parties are formed by different people which have different point of view. These political parties play important role in a democratic system. People can support parties which can be of same views.

But what happens when a dictator is elected by the votes of people. What will we call it ? How can we define it?

Another point of view about it is that a the prime minister has to be elected by the support of others.In this case vote of an individual member also gets importance. So prime minister becomes weakens.

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